neljapäev, 30. juuni 2011

Muljeid Tolyattist 3

Täna pilte ei tule, aga tuleb lühike teadaanne. Ma kahtlustan, et mind on söönud kirbud!!! Ma ei ole küll ühtegi oma silmaga näinud, aga mul on üle keha pisikesi punaseid täppe, mis sügelevad hullupööra. Kui keegi oskab nõu anda, mida teha, et mul pärast kodus kirbukolooniat ei tekiks, oleksin väga tänulik.

No photos today but instead a short announcement. I suspect that I've been bitten by fleas!!! I haven't seen any but my skin has several little red dots that itch like crazy. If someone can suggest what to do that those fleas won't move to my home please share the knowledge!

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Teiko ütles ...

Palavaga on eriti rõve, kui veel üle kere sügeled..tunnen kaasa! Kõik loomaomanikud on seda muret tundnud. Nüüd vist said juba probleemile lahenduse?!

Stephanie... ütles ...

Oddly I know the answer to this and I don't know why I know it either (but I checked it on Google anyway). Fleas like clothes so when you get home make sure you wash clothing in hot water and then run them through the dryer. Heat kills them all. For nonwashable items (like a suitcase) but the items in big plastic bags and seal them tightly. Leave the bags for at least two weeks. Fleas will starve to death. For little mites that get under your skin (these are called chiggers in the American South), paint the bite with clear nail polish. Bet you didn't know I was so knowledgable-ha neither did I!

Murakamari ütles ...

Thanks! Really good advice! I'll follow it.