teisipäev, 18. oktoober 2011


 Üks lihtne, aga samas minu meelest ilusa mustriga müts. Näeb välja nagu oleks palmikud, aga tegelikult pole. Kasutasin koekirja nr 214 Lesley Stanfield'i 'Koekirjade varamust'.

Simple but in my opinion beautiful stitch pattern. Looks like cabled but actually it's not. I used stitch pattern no 214 from Lesley Stanfield's stitch dictionary.

Lõng: Novita Tennessee, 42 g
Vardad: 4 mm

Yarn: Novita Tennessee, 42 g
Needles: 4 mm

Ja tänud modellile!
And big thank you to the model!

2 kommentaari:

Stephanie... ütles ...

LOVE this. Will you post the pattern? You know you could have a second career with all your lovely designs.

Murakamari ütles ...

Thank you! I guess I will write down the instructions for that hat. But it takes some time.