neljapäev, 27. juuni 2013

Central Oregon

Tõenäoliselt on need mu viimased pildid sellest USA-reisist. Juba laupäeval hakkan kodu poole sõitma. Tagasi Eestisse jõuan pühapäeva õhtul.

These will probably be last photos of my current US trip that I'm going to post here. My trip to home starts on Saturday and I'll be back in Estonia on Sunday evening.

2 kommentaari:

Stephanie... ütles ...

You won't believe it but it's supposed to be 90F here on Sunday and close to 100 later in the week. Makes that water look really inviting. Guess the rafting season is upon us!

Murakamari ütles ...

It's been very warm here as well lately. So strange to think that it's my last day here. But now I'm expecting to see some rafting photos!