kolmapäev, 5. mai 2010


Paremaid pilte rohkem pole. Võib-olla teen lähipäevil veel mõne pildi.

I don't have more pictures right now. Maybe I'll do some more.

Muster: Sexy Vesty (Ravelry link)
Vardad: 3,5 mm ja 4 mm
Lõng: Aade Naturaalne 8/3 (148 g)

Pattern: Sexy Vesty (Ravelry link)
Needles: 3,5 mm and 4 mm
Yarn: Aade Naturaalne 8/3 (148 g)

Muutsin mustrit päris palju. Vöökoha juures kahandasin ja rinnajoonel kasvatasin juurde. Kui olin vesti valmis saanud, selgus, et see on liiga lühike. Ma ei tahtnud kõike üles harutada, vaid korjasin alläärest silmused üles. Nii sai soonikust vöökoht ja alla kudusin veel pitsimustrit juurde, kusjuutes kasvatasin silmuseid, et alläär laiem jääks.

I modified the pattern quite much. For waistline I decreased and for bust I increased. When I had completed the vest I saw that it is too short. I didn't want to frog. So I picked up the stitches from the bottom. Ribbing became waistline and I increased some stitches and knit the lace to the bottom.

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Stephanie... ütles ...

That looks great. I think your modifications really improved it. But aren't you suppose to be writing your masters thesis?

Murakamari ütles ...

Thank you Stephanie,

You are right, I'm supposed to write my masters thesis but I just had to tkae some time for myself or my mental health would have suffered :). So, now I'm back on row and almost finished. Just need to add some mandatory paragraphs like Introduction, Summary and Annotation and some minor corrections here and there. Soon I will be knitting again! (I have one sweater idea in my head that doesn't want to go away).