laupäev, 12. juuni 2010


Sain valmis suvise topi, aga lõpptulemusega ma eriti rahul pole. Sai liiga lühike ja liiga lai. Muster iseenesest meeldib mulle väga ning ma kavatsen teha uue, mille koon pikema ja kitsama.

I finished a top for summer but I'm not happy with the result. It's too short and too wide. I like the pattern though and I plan to knit another one that will be longer and with less stitches.

Siin on näha, kui lai see tegelikult on:

Here it is visible how wide it really is:

Ka lõngaga pole ma kuigi rahul. Tegemist on lõngaga Phildar Phil'Crochet. Ajas jubedalt ebemeid ning värvis kududes sõrmed siniseks. Samuti on ta liiga pehme ja ei hoia eriti vormi, ma arvan, et see venib välja üsna kiiresti.

I'm not pleased with the yarn either. It is Phildar Phil'Crochet. After knitting my lap was covered with blue dust and fingers were also blue. I think it is too soft and doesn't hold shape very well. I guess this top will become shapeless very soon.

Detailid ka:
Muster: Bottoms Up (Ravelry link)
Lõng: Phildar Phil'Crochet, 3 kera
Vardad: 3 mm

Details also:
Pattern: Bottoms Up (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Phildar Phil'Crochet, 3 skeins
Needles: 3 mm

2 kommentaari:

Stephanie... ütles ...

What a bummer! Still the color is lovely as are the stitches. It's still pretty form fitting--I would not notice it was too big until you stretched it out.

Having said that I will also tell you that I had the same problem with a vest and I love everything about it--except how it fits me. One day I will summon the courage to frog....:(

Murakamari ütles ...

I wore the top the whole day yesterday and by he evening it had gone even bigger. I guess I have to find someone who would like to have it... Already bought new yarn for the new version yesterday.